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How to find hidden spy cameras with a smartphone

Researchers have devised a mobile app that uses a smartphone's time-of-flight sensor to find tiny spy cameras hidden in everyday objects.

IP Surveillance Bugs in Axis Gear Allow RCE, Data Theft

Three security vulnerabilities in Axis video products could open up the door to a bevy of different cyberattacks on businesses.

Army Testing Facial Recognition in Child-Care Centers

Army looking for AI to layer over daycare CCTV to boost ‘family quality of life.’

Misconfigured Baby Monitors Can Allow Intruders To Spy On Your Baby

Misconfigured baby monitors lacking passwords or meant for local network use, together with RTSP device detail streaming, attract hackers.

Warning Issued Over Hackable ADT's LifeShield Home Security Cameras

Researchers have issued warning over hackable ADT's Blue (LifeShield) Home Security Cameras

Singapore home cams hacked: Are web and mobile cameras secure?

What should people look out for when buying surveillance cameras? Find out the answers to the top five concerns surrounding web cams.

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