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Facebook Sunsets Face Recognition, Deletes Data, Amidst Concerns

Facebook users can no longer use face recognition for tagging photos and videos. This change will also affect Facebook's AAT technology.

Google Chrome on iOS is getting an enhanced privacy feature

​Google Chrome for iOS now allows you to lock your incognito tabs behind Face ID so other people can't snoop on what sites you are visiting.

Fitbit Spyware Steals Personal Data via Watch Face

Immersive Labs Researcher takes advantage of lax Fitbit privacy controls to build a malicious spyware watch face.

How well do face recognition algorithms identify people wearing masks?

Can face recognition algorithms identify people wearing masks? Even the best facial recognition algorithms tested had error rates between 5% and 50%.

Facebook adds security to Messenger with Face ID unlock option

Facebook has begun rolling out additional security features for its dedicated chat application, Messenger, that will make it essentially impossible for anyone to read your conversations in the app -- even if you give someone your phone. Facebook describes this feature, called App Lock, as giving users "the confidence to know that if a friend or family member needs to borrow your phone, they won't be able to access your chats."

AWS Facial Recognition Platform Misidentified Over 100 Politicians As Criminals

Facial recognition technology is still misidentifying people at an alarming rate – even as it’s being used by police departments to make arrests. In fact, Paul Bischoff, consumer privacy expert with Comparitech, found that Amazon’s face recognition platform incorrectly misidentified more than 100 photos of US and UK lawmakers as criminals.

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