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FBI Could use a Tool to Access Private Signal Messages on iPhones

The court has recently published a document that affirms that the FBI may have developed a tool to access the Signal messages on iPhones. As hackers are now targeting messaging apps

Bugs in Signal, Facebook, Google chat apps let attackers spy on users

Vulnerabilities found in multiple video conferencing mobile applications allowed attackers to listen to users' surroundings without permission before the person on the other end picked up the calls.

WhatsApp vs Telegram vs Signal – Which One Is More Secure?

WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, all offer end-to-end encryption, but the features, data access, and advertising policies are different.

WhatsApp users flock to rival message platforms

Millions have signed up to Signal and Telegram after WhatsApp announced an update to its terms.

Signal fixes verification delays caused by WhatsApp mass exodus

Signal's encrypted messaging service has recovered from delays affecting its new user verification process after a mass exodus of WhatsApp users to their platform.

Cellebrite Claims To Decrypt Signal App On Android Devices

Signal is known for its robust, seemingly impossible encryption technology for securing users’ data. However, Cellebrite now claims to have devised a technique to decrypt the Signal app data on Android devices.

Mobile messengers expose billions of users to privacy attacks

Mobile messengers create privacy concerns by exposing data via discovery services that allow users to find contacts from the address book.

Signal Launches Message Requests Feature To Fend Off Spammers

Signal Message Requests feature will show sender's message and profile details before accepting or deleting the request, or in group chats.

Signal’s New PIN Feature Worries Cybersecurity Experts

The popular Signal encrypted messaging app is now going to store your contacts in the cloud. Experts are worried this compromises users’ privacy.

Signal Now Allows iOS Users To Migrate Conversations Across Devices

Signal has announced a useful feature for iOS users to migrate conversations from old to new devices with privacy and security.

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