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New Instagram Phishing Attack Steals 2FA Backup Codes

A new phishing campaign targeting Instagram users has been discovered which uses several different techniques to lure victims.

Why backup matters more than ever

In this Help Net Security round-up security experts talk about the vital role that backups play in safeguarding our digital assets.

University loses 77TB of research data due to backup error

The Kyoto University in Japan has lost about 77TB of research data due to an error in the backup system of its Hewlett-Packard supercomputer.

WhatsApp is now offering encrypted cloud backups, here's how you can enable it

After more than a year of testing, WhatsApp is finally rolling out the ability to encrypt chat backups before uploading them to Google Drive offering extra security to WhatsApp users.

How to use Windows 10 File History to make secure backups

With File History feature on Windows, you can securely back up copies of files that are in the Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, and Desktop folders.

How to import and backup saved passwords in Google Chrome

​Google Chrome Password Manager lets you save usernames and passwords and automatically use them to log in to websites you visit. If you ever decide to switch from or to Google Chrome and want to take your saved passwords with you, this guide will help you.

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