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Connect: Best Private Messaging & Photo Sharing App for Families

Connect is an exclusive and private messaging and photo sharing app for your closest friends and family members. It's a simple and reliable replacement to Instagram and WhatsApp for the people you truly care about.

New Instagram Phishing Attack Steals 2FA Backup Codes

A new phishing campaign targeting Instagram users has been discovered which uses several different techniques to lure victims.

Serious 2FA Bypass Vulnerability Affected Facebook And Instagram

The 2FA bypass vulnerability existed in Instagram's new layout for "Meta Accounts Center", affecting linked Facebook accounts.

Instagram sputters back to life just as abruptly as it went down

Instagram suffered a two-hour-long outage. The social media platform has now come back to life and started to function normally. The exact cause behind the service going down isn't yet known.

Thousands lured with blue badges in Instagram phishing attack

A new Instagram phishing campaign is underway, attempting to scam users of the popular social media platform by luring them with a blue-badge offer.

Critical Instagram Bug Could Allow Changing Reel Thumbnails

Meta promptly patched the bug affecting Instagram reel thumbnails, while awarding the researcher with a $49500 bounty.

Facebook’s Sufferings Continue As Instagram Goes Down Again In A Week

Right when Facebook assured service restoration, Instagram and other services went down for users for hours. Facebook has fixed the glitch.

Major Instagram App Bug Could've Given Hackers Remote Access to Your Phone

Check Point researchers disclosed details about a critical vulnerability in Instagram's Android app that could have allowed remote attackers to take control over a targeted device just by sending victims a specially crafted image.

Tony Abbott hacked after posting boarding pass on Instagram

Never post pictures of your board passes online: a hacker uncovered the Australian ex-PM's phone number and passport details but told the authorities.

Instagram 'Help Center' Phishing Scam Pilfers Credentials

Researchers warn that a phishing scam is targeting Instagram users via direct messages on the app.

'Blackmailers stole our Instagram account'

What happens when a small company is extorted after losing control of its Instagram account?

Instagram Retained Deleted User Data Despite GDPR Rules

Instagram kept copies of deleted pictures and private direct messages on its servers even after someone removed them from their account. The Facebook-owned service acknowledged the slipup and awarded a security researcher $6,000 for finding the bug.

Trump campaign runs anti-TikTok ads on Facebook and Instagram

U.S. President Donald Trump's campaign is now running ads against TikTok on Facebook and Instagram warning people that the company is spying on users and was caught red-handed doing so. One of the anti-TikTok ads tells users: “Protect your children from China.”

Instagram's new features help fight cyber bullying and highlight positive interactions

Instagram is rolling out a number of features meant to help you handle abusive behavior on the platform and cyberbullying. It's also testing a new tool designed to promote positive interactions.

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