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Beware of New Android Banking Malware that Controls Your Device

Octo, a new Android banking malware that employs remote access capabilities to enable attackers to commit on-device fraud, has been identified in the wild and is designed to prey on vulnerable Android devices.

300.000+ users downloaded malware droppers from Google Play

Malware peddlers have managed to spread four families of Android banking trojans via malware droppers introduced in Google Play.

Malicious Android app steals Malaysian bank credentials, MFA codes

A fake Android app is masquerading as a housekeeping service to steal online banking credentials from the customers of eight Malaysian banks.

Android malware BrazKing returns as a stealthier banking trojan

​The BrazKing Android banking trojan has returned with dynamic banking overlays and a new implementation trick that enables it to operate without requesting risky permissions.

Attackers Abuse Signed PDF Files to Change Amount and Bank Account Number

A security issue in the certification signatures of PDF documents has been discovered by researchers at Ruhr-University Bochum. The Portable Document Format (PDF).

70 European and South American Banks Under Attack By Bizarro Banking Malware

Hundreds of European and South American banks have been targeted by the Brazilian banking Trojan

Android Trojan TeaBot – A New Malware Targeting European Banks

TeaBot is a new banking trojan targeting Android users. The malware targets banks in Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands

Scammers Are Sending Fake Job Offers on LinkedIn

Fraudsters are impersonating real HR employees in fictitious job offers sent on LinkedIn, in a dubious scheme to get targets to share banking data.

Watch Out! New Android Banking Trojan Steals From 112 Financial Apps

New Android Banking Trojan Ghimob Steals Credentials and Money From 112 Financial Apps

Blackbaud: Bank details and passwords at risk in giant charities hack

The National Trust is among those believed to be affected by the latest development.

SingPass Is The New Digital NRIC - You Can Now Open A Bank Account With Facial ID

With SingPass’ new facial recognition technology launched last Wednesday (29 July), Singapore residents can now open an online banking account by taking a selfie.

Emotet botnet is now heavily spreading QakBot malware

Researchers tracking Emotet botnet noticed that the malware started to push QakBot banking trojan at an unusually high rate, replacing the longtime TrickBot payload.

New Android malware steals your dating and social accounts

A new Android banking trojan dubbed BlackRock steals credentials and credit card information from a list of 337 apps many of them used for many non-financial purposes.

4 Dangerous Brazilian Banking Trojans Now Trying to Rob Users Worldwide

Hackers behind 4 Dangerous Brazilian Banking Trojan Families Now Trying to Rob Users Worldwide

Cerberus Malware Emerged On Play Store As Cryptocurrency Converter

Cerberus malware, the banking trojan, recently appeared on Play Store targeting Spanish users by mimicking a Spanish cryptocurrency converter app.

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