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QNAP Urged customers to disable UPnP Port on their Routers

In order to forward the ports that are in use from one device to another device on a network Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Port forwarding was introduced. This feature automatically forwards the ports from on device to another with only one change in setting. No additional configuration was required.

Google removes apps for secretly copying phone numbers

More than a dozen apps were taken out of its Play Store for harvesting users' phone numbers.

Multiple Riskware Apps Flood Samsung “Galaxy Store” App Store

The riskware apps may trigger warnings on Google Play Store when downloading, but not on Samsung Galaxy Store.

Malicious Joker App Scores Half-Million Downloads on Google Play

Joker malware was found lurking in the Color Message app, ready to fleece unsuspecting users with premium SMS charges.

300.000+ users downloaded malware droppers from Google Play

Malware peddlers have managed to spread four families of Android banking trojans via malware droppers introduced in Google Play.

New security measures to keep Google Play safe

Google is announcing two new security measures aimed at minimizing the number of malicious / potentially unwanted apps in the Google Play Store.

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