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Authorities Take Down the Worlds Largest Illegal Dark web Market Place

DarkMarket is one of the world's largest illegal market on the web, and recently, this market has been shut down by many countries

Hackers Leaked UberEats Data On DarkWeb

Nowadays, data breaches are occurring very frequently; every new day, we are getting notifications of new data breaches. Today, we found another one, it’s about UberEats, here, the hackers leaked the data of UberEats on DarkWeb.

LastPass adds new 'Security Dashboard' and dark web monitoring features for passwords

LastPass has announced that it is bringing a new 'Security Dashboard' for all users that helps them monitor passwords. It is also adding dark web monitoring for Premium, Families, and businesses.

15 Billion Credentials Currently Up for Grabs on Hacker Forums

Unprecedented amounts of data for accessing bank accounts and streaming services are being flogged on the dark web. Fifteen billion usernames and passwords for a range of internet services are currently for sale on underground forums – shedding light on the sheer scope of compromised credentials that are fueling account takeovers on the internet.

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