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North Korean Hacker Group Targeted Medical & Energy Sectors

The North Korean Lazarus hacking group has been identified as the culprit behind a recent cyber espionage operation known as "No Pineapple!".

LastPass users targeted by vishing attackers

The CryptoChameleon phishing kit is being leveraged by vishing attackers looking to trick LastPass users into sharing their master password.

Clorox says cyberattack caused $49 million in expenses

Clorox has confirmed that a September 2023 cyberattack has so far cost the company $49 million in expenses related to the response to the incident.

Check if you're in Google Chrome's third-party cookie phaseout test

Google has started testing the phasing out of third-party cookies on Chrome, affecting about 1% of its users or approximately 30 million people. Learn how to check if you are part of the initial test.

FBI says Chinese state hacker group targeted US infrastructure

China is targeting US infrastructure and laying the groundwork to wreak chaos, the FBI director warns.

Apple Vision Pro isn't trackable via Find My app on another device or iCloud.com

Apple's Vision Pro headset isn't trackable using the Find My app. The only feature it supports is the Activation Lock, which prevents unauthorized people from erasing or resetting the device.

Longer passwords aren't safe from intensive cracking efforts

It’s important to have a password policy that blocks end users from creating weak passwords. But even strong passwords can be compromised.

Serious Vulnerability Spotted In Various Bosch Thermostat Models

Bosch patched the vulnerability, existing due to open port 8899, with latest thermostat firmware releases, urging users to update.

23andMe data breach: Hackers stole raw genotype data, health reports

Genetic testing provider 23andMe confirmed that hackers stole health reports and raw genotype data of customers affected by a credential stuffing attack that went unnoticed for five months, from April 29 to September 27.

Connect: Best Private Messaging & Photo Sharing App for Families

Connect is an exclusive and private messaging and photo sharing app for your closest friends and family members. It's a simple and reliable replacement to Instagram and WhatsApp for the people you truly care about.

Google Chrome Zero-day Exploited in the Wild: Patch Now!

Google has released urgent upgrades to fix the Chrome zero-day high-severity vulnerability that has been widely exploited.

New Instagram Phishing Attack Steals 2FA Backup Codes

A new phishing campaign targeting Instagram users has been discovered which uses several different techniques to lure victims.

NordVPN launches a native VPN app for Apple TV

NordVPN has launched its dedicated VPN app for Apple TV and it's now available for download. The VPN service joins the likes of ExpressVPN and PureVPN, which already have native apps for Apple TV.

New Lock Screen Bypass Discovered For Android 13 And 14

To prevent the lock screen bypass, Android users should uninstall Google Maps until a fix arrives, which Google has pledged for February 24.

ChatGPT tool could be abused by scammers and hackers

A cutting-edge tool from Open AI appears to be poorly moderated, allowing it to be abused by cyber-criminals.

Atomic Stealer Again Targets Mac Via Fake Browser Updates

Atomic Mac stealer (AMOS) now targets macOS devices via fake Safari browser updates as part of the ClearFake social engineering campaign.

Booking.com hackers increase attacks on customers

Researchers say cyber-criminals are offering big sums for hotels' log-in details to target holidaymakers.

WhatsApp Enhances Call Security With Location Hiding, Unknown Call Block

WhatsApp allows hiding location during a call by masking the IP address, alongside preventing malicious call threats from unknown numbers.

Why backup matters more than ever

In this Help Net Security round-up security experts talk about the vital role that backups play in safeguarding our digital assets.

Twitter glitch allows CIA informant channel to be hijacked

US spies and informants could have been directed to hostile nations through a CIA mistake made on X.

LockBit ransomware leaks gigabytes of Boeing data

The LockBit ransomware gang published data stolen from Boeing, one of the largest aerospace companies that services commercial airplanes and defense systems.

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